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altered perspectives.

Art and poetry by Helena

Shiny cars only as they are by the gift of sun birthed all of which it was
Seemingly forgotten, we praise the cars more than the light above
Why is this?

The beauty is on the upper half. To which we must look up to see, yet we tend to gravitate towards the ground in a sorrowing defeat. All for the shiny new metals, sparkling cranes and whatever else lays. What we skip in return are the glorious mountains, stacked higher and higher the more you view the horizon. It never ends. Yet we pretend it doesnt exist.
Why is this?

Is it because this is all we know? Have we been told to sacrifice the true beauty for mediocrity, and settle for the downgrade of human creation? The things which we can easily see because we drag ourselves so low.

Its merely impossible not to be consumed with all the dreadful doings of us mankind. I fear its harder than I anticipated to inhale clear air. To see clearly. For our toxicity has fogged everything in our sight, far far away from any of our grasps. However, other beings seem to neutralize the taint we have been given. The rust is only so much as we are willing to clean off.

Gateway is the garden of evil, of good and of all inbetween who continuously question their values. They stand in fear of the people near them with a false sense of purity within. The purity is in all of us, rusted or not. It is up to you to decide what you see in them. Some just want clean water, dry socks. Some want gold and crowns. Some want status, a sense of freedom or familiarity. Some just want a family. Others want nothing more than justice. But can we possibly attain all in one lifespan?

The world is so vibrant with different spectrums of suffering and joy. It's hard not to find value in all the rocks we kick by, getting to a proper destination we see fit for our being. Always running to get somewhere, always running to get nowhere. Still living in a minor threat of fear. Even with knowing it all it requires maintenance. My equilibrium is tilted just enough to make me question my sanity on this side of town.
Will it ever come to an end? 
Will I make it to work on time? 



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