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Thinking about: Communication

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Communication is an exchange of information between beings ranging from tiny microscopic organisms to individual creatures filled with mini organisms working in their body. How any creature shares information depends on its own sensory abilities. Beings can only relay what they can sense. This is why life can communicate in a variety of ways.

Seeing how animals, organs, dolphins frogs, and birds communicate one can see variations in how they convey information to others. It seems although having different means of operation they can still achieve that end. Through such ends, communication becomes an adaptive feature allowing organisms to “speak” relay messages to another of what they both can observe and sense. The abilities to not only share but also recognize and interpret what is being perceived by them. This is possible not only due to senses but the ability to understand certain signs, or memes which represent the objects they can observe. In a real-world sense memes, or signs require vehicles or symbols that allow them to indicate what’s being shown.

Using pictures we can see the difference between a Claude Monet painting versus a Paul Klee. Both images are mediums that relay an inscription of information for a viewer to interpret. The objects, style, and form speak for themselves.

The immanence of any object is represented and often categorized by language whose words index and reference objects that may or may not be there however exist universally despite having different words to express the same things. Think of all the languages which have different words to express the idea of a tree, let alone the qualities about said imagined tree.

Now beings in an environment depend on the perception which shows the space in which they operate. Objects show themselves differently depending on who’s observing them. Dogs see what we see although in black in white. Their scent however allows them to recognize things we can’t . which is important because a lot of beings observe things we can’t and us likewise.

Objected represented as signs, or memes can take form in many mediums. A medium is best understood in how the object is being represented, is it a candle(scent,) sight(), sound? Perhaps other animals can’t see other than what’s in front of them like humans can but nonetheless, they still rely on similar usage of communications.

This exposes the relationship between sign/meme/object, signifier, and signified. Represented in the picture below.

Furthering on this, signifiers use memes to relay certain references of information towards interpreters who can decipher what they mean and understand it using their own prior connection to what they’re saying or understanding of it. Works by using references that an interpreter would be able to understand one would not want to speak write draw pure gibberish typically. The interpreter brings their own imagination combined with past experience to draw certain conclusions from what’s being shown.

Everyone interprets their own unique message focusing on some parts that some people won’t even know to look like without being oriented first.

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