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Thinking about: Gobekli Tepe

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

  • Recently New Discovery, first excavation project in 1995- less than 30 year discovery

  • Dates back to 10,000 to 8,000 Years ago.

  • Oldest Megalithic site (constructed of large stone)

  • Falls under the category of Pre history

  • No dedicated farming industry

  • Constructed during the PPN period (Pre-Pottery Neolithic)

  • No oral/written history to explain its becoming's.

  • Located in Southern Turkey

  • Geographically in the Fertile Crescent aka the cradle of civilization

  • due to the regions prosperity in access to water also thought to partly shape the agricultural revolution (emergence of farming techniques )

  • Changes framework and understanding in History

  • because of that many questions arise like who built this? why? and most importantly how in the hell was this even possible in the first place. Considering this was built before the advent of specialized agriculture, which was thought to be a requirement to build such structures.

Gobekli Tepe (map image)

Karl Schmidt (image)

Timeline of Monumental architecture- (image)


The evidence found at Gobekli Tepe fails to show a level of social inequity or permanent settlement, yet its creators were able to orchestrate a complicated plan to erect a structure of its magnitude, thus showing the resemblance of prominent scientific, architectural capability even without a known rigid method.

Architectural Geometry

Coincidence? - noting the ability architecturally to plan the layout of Structure. The planning to transport, shape, dedicated time to organize such a project.

Excavation Photo

T shape Pillars

Screen shot Wikipedia- Inscriptions

T- shape pillar (google arts & culture)

Building D enclosure(google arts & culture)

T-shape pillar (google arts & culture)



highlighting innovations in iconography- was this intelligible to those who carried or created, received these marks?

(google arts & culture)

Arrowheads (google arts & culture)

And lastly..


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