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Unraveling - Poem

Updated: Jan 3

I pose the question

What will be the praxis of future human progress?

Will the goals we project out now be reached?

All the promises science and tech speak of.

Will it emerge and become integrated with new times?

In a century will reduce blindness?

Bringing new solutions to light.

People directly intertwined with technology

People gifted with robotic arms

A globe populated by an army of cybernetic machines.

Brilliant intelligence brings the next iteration of life’s evolution.

An old truism.

All hearts must stop beating one day.

What will it take to transcend humanity's current limits?

Life is prolonged with people who roam mars

A world where we can bio-hack our scars away

No clue how immersive artificial life N vr WILL B.

Safety of knowing the entirety of what is possible

Brought by quantum computer processing

The knowledge was so pure nothing out of order could occur.

Even chaos accounted for.

Progress to some is making life not a game of chance

But one was stripped of dice.

Where you pay the price for not having the knowledge

Innovation promised

On the fingertips of being grasped

Cannot envision all the possibilities of manifesting

Given by Access to a Simulation.

All the worlds an LED could bring?

Something wrong…with being caught up in fantasy

Objective truth. A myth

Vs the make belief

Lives growing more reliable by technological assistance.

Indecisive beings, with occupied hands.

Told they are rational beings but are just objectified thing,

Reduced to rational beings

What becomes healthy when all our abstracted localities are directly mapped?

Can we fix everything or is this kind of thought a trap?

Banking every neuron and synapse

Manish morons

Carbon neurochemically based

What drives the truths any of us embrace?

Will we hope to find an escape?

What lies will we continue to take?

Our or hands? Not up to the sheep to plan them

Own position or purpose in the perilous trap that is the human condition

Doomed to lose to

Metallic and plastic parts.

Human information

Data replicating.

Phantom alienation.

So intimidating.

Maybe this Is how Pandora’s box is created.

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