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Punchers shot - poem

Updated: Jan 3

Slight chance

Punchers shot


I was born to rot

And live a life forgotten.

Classic American story

Born on a $ n a dream

All I got to do is elude the

Oppressive misery

But I made it out

And life ain’t what I thought I seen

Not even speaking specifically for me

The millions of others

Who thought they could cash in

By means of education

Knowledge was supposed to be proliferation

College system paying itself Forward in the end.

Don’t mind the news about the countless students suffering slowly plundering under debt

University eating machine

Cheating people out of

Actual development

stuffing their pockets for the hell of it

out in around 4 year. Out even before you

make sense of it,

fuck a thousand hidden fees and empty slasses with crowded seats.

Learning on decentralized knowledge is share passed

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