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Trapped by Time.

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

An angle on life looking at how temporality brings possibilities of existing.

Every individual’s temporal horizon starts with birth and ends with death.

a short scope of time where our eyes are a lens.

in a world where it’s easy to rack up regrets; be so fed up we even welcome death.

each of us slowly but surely stepping forward into us our out of sight.

if there’s no point to life? what’s the point of filling up nothingness, only because of one’s own persistence of existence.

what can be the point of anything when there’’s no such thing as energy who knows how far into the past and future time reaches.

lasting infinitely manifesting itself into all things.

and we can that all energy by the law of entropy emergence will be burning.

a context a timescale I’m not apart of.

the sun rising and dwarfing in size.

beings caught in a time trap that spans finitely.

only having so long to occupy our minds.

in a world where only a short opportunity to change action.

thankfully, with the times comes context.

as we constantly adjust to deadlines in real life but i's just moving the goal post. '

Men are different depending on if they live in the time present or the time of an era.

We each are born and thrown into a pre-existing timeline?

How does anyone fit into the picture?

so what is the extent of any individual frame end to end compared to n individual lineage resequencing with the new generation and the next?

each pair of eyes acting as their own frame, that perceives and experiences the world all bodies living recording their own moments. windows of memory stored in place time and mind.

it can be hard to contemplate all the complexities that exist behind our own narrow screen. all the things that exist outside of what we know to be reality and imagination. all the unknowns, the possibility of actions, words, habits practices being replicated all over the globe

it’s true the past can still survive in their present.

and to the mind is a collaborative projection, that is partly inherited and imprinted.

each being born or thrown into a situation.

part of a world that’s infinitely bigger than them yet confined to the environment that surrounds them.

as kids, we don't really choose our upbringing may only our response to it?

I digress,

come to more contemporary times where the end feels so if not near insight.

problems everywhere

I’m tiring to navigate between forces that seem much larger than you or me.

from afar, idle dots at sea in a weird surge of connectivity, fitting, blending in finding truth in friends, family, celebrities, covers, and others.

and it’s striking just to think how small. compared to the vast complex features of nature that have emerged and been created. nature unfolding.

all that exists outside my worldview and technological aided view.

moving power of the turning tide. always pointing the focus to what’s caught in the present.

what law of the universe that maintains you must conform to the will of today.

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